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Environmental Responsibility
At BreezeWood Floors we have always strongly supported the green movement and environmental responsibility.

Similarly we strongly oppose the illegal logging and forest devastation that occurs overseas in many developing countries.

CLICK on the "Play" button below to hear our new radio campaign which focuses on Eco-Friendly flooring.

Before you purchase wood flooring we strongly encourage you to spend some time viewing and reading the information below. This information will help educate you and will ensure that you do not unknowingly support irresponsible forestry practices when you purchase wood flooring.

At BreezeWood Floors we ensure our products are made only from sustainably harvested local timber. This timber is responsibly harvested according to local government forestry by-laws and is monitored by highly trained local by-law enforcement officers.

Contributing to illegal logging is frighteningly easy - as easy as stepping into a wood products store and purchasing flooring or furniture whose origins are unknown. Products of unknown origin are potentially made from timber that was illegally or unsustainably harvested overseas.

You can help solve the forest crisis overseas by insisting that wood products you purchase are made locally using local timber that was harvested using environmentally friendly practices.

Remember to: Ask Questions. Inquire. Ask for Proof.
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