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What do you recommend for cleaning the floor?
A swiffer duster or the floor attachment on your vacuum will pick up surface dust. For scuff marks etc. a slightly damp cloth will usually lift these. There are also cleaners sold at hardware stores specifically for hardwood floors, but these should be used sparingly, as constant usage may produce a film on the floor.
How do I protect my hardwood floor from damage caused by dog claws?
Products such as dog socks and nail caps have been created to help homeowners avoid damage caused by dog claws.
Is there a difference between real wood flooring and laminate flooring?
Yes, laminate flooring is a totally different product type and is rarely comprised of any real wood. Laminate (or 'plastic laminate' as it is referred to in the industry) is typically a paper photograph of wood or stone
fused onto a backer board with a clear (plastic) wear layer over the photo. The photograph that gives laminate its 'look' is often a repeating pattern/image that can be seen on the floor. Laminate can not be refinished which contributes to its shorter product life when compared to real wood. Both laminate and real wood flooring are susceptible to swelling when exposed to major spills or excessive moisture. Real wood flooring gets its 'look' naturally and each plank is unique just like each tree in the forest is unique. Real wood flooring can be sanded and refinished several times and has a typical rated life span of 60 or more years.
Do you sell wood stain for transition strips, stair nosing, etc?
Yes, some stains are available. Always check with the Sales Staff to see if your particular colour is available. Visit our 'Trim & Accessories' page for more information and pricing.
How will I receive my order?
You have 2 choices. Free in-store pickup or we can arrange delivery (contact us for delivery charges). Order size/quantity and distance are the main delivery charge factors.
How is the flooring packaged?
The flooring is packaged in cardboard boxes which are approx. 7 feet long.
How much does the flooring weigh?
Our 3/4-inch solid wood flooring weighs (on average) approximately 3 pounds per square foot. For example, 500 square feet of flooring weighs approximately 1,500 pounds.
Can I call in an order?
Absolutely! Simply call one of our customer reps at 1-519-688-3553 and speak with one of our representatives.
  • We are really pleased with the way our floor looks and hope you will feel the same way when you see our pictures. We also enjoyed installing our floor. That is something we had never done before and it worked out very well. So thank you for a beautiful product!
    Tim and Maria Wheeler
    from Paris, ON
  • 5 stars. Our hardwood has just been installed and it is so beautiful. My home has been completely transformed. The experience we had with Breeze Wood Floors was wonderful , we installed ourselves and had some questions about how to do some parts of the install and the installer Joe had no problem answering our questions, and even gave some tips to help the process. Jason who helped us pick our flooring was great and went out of his way to make sure we were happy with our purchase. The product is beautiful. And we could not be happier :) I would definitely recommend Breeze Wood Floors to anyone looking for hardwood. I felt informed and confident the whole time! What a great Canadian company and product !
    from London, Ontario
  • We chose natural cherry in a matte finish and we are stunned at how good it looks. Our guests say the same thing! We laid 1300 sq ft in our bungalow in every room. It's easy to upkeep and is great on the feet.
    Don Jackson
    from n/a
  • We would like to thank the BreezeWood staff for helping us decide on our flooring. It was great dealing with your company.
    Barry & Anne McKinley
    from Brantford
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