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DuraCoat Nanotech Finish
Our DuraCoat Nanotech UV Cured Finish offers homeowners superior protection for their hardwood flooring investment. Our seven layer finish is up five times harder and is more wear resistant than alternative prefinished floor coatings. Rather than adding metal oxides to our finish for protection and sacrifice clarity, diamond dust particles are used to provide hardness and enhance the wood's natural beauty. 25 year residential warranty*
Semi-gloss (50 degree sheen)
* The perfect balance between a gloss and satin (low sheen) finish
* Deepens floor colour and clarity
* Preferred gloss level for more formal interiors
Matte (20 degree sheen)
* Offers a similar look to an oiled floor
* Practical gloss level for active homes with children, pets and plenty of high traffic areas
* Hides wear and tear well as light reflection is minimal
* Easy to maintain
Pioneer Finish UV Oil

Zero VOC (5 degree sheen) - BreezeWood Floors' European inspired Pioneer Finish offers a rich, authentic oil finish that enhances each wood's natural beauty. The extremely low sheen is most forgiving and hides scratches and marks very well. Should you encounter unsightly scratches or wear to your floor's surface, our Pioneer Finish Maintenance system allows you to easily repair and restore your floor.

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