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About Installation of our Hardwood Floors
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Who will provide installation?
When you purchase from BreezeWood you maintain complete control over who completes your installation. We do not have installers nor do we contract out installation. However, we can provide you with contact information for reputable and experienced independent installers whom our past customers have recommended. This is often advantageous to the customer since they are not required to purchase the flooring "supplied and installed" for a blended price.

General Rules
3/4" solid wood flooring is intended for installation on or above grade only. For installation below grade, special precautions must be taken including an assessment of the humidity level, seasonal variations in humidity and moisture testing of the subfloor. Your hardwood flooring dealer can best offer you advice in this area. Also, do not install over radiant heat installed within concrete floors.
Understanding the relationship between wood and water is important. This flooring is dried to correspond to a 45% relative humidity environment. Environments over 45% or under 45% will result in a corresponding gain or loss in the wood's moisture content which will result in expansion or contraction of the flooring.
Moisture content of the subfloor and the hardwood flooring should be measured. If the difference between the two is greater than 2%, installation should NOT proceed until the two are within 2% of each other.
Hardwood flooring requires a 1/2" - 3/4" expansion space around the perimeter of the floor and at all vertical obstructions within the room. This space is covered by baseboard and quarter round after installation.
Hardwood flooring should be installed at right angles to the floor joists. If this is not possible, subfloor should be built up to a thickness of 1" for proper support and nail holding.
High spots on subfloor should be sanded down and re-nailing should be done to eliminate any squeaks or loose boards.
Because of the natural variation in hardwood flooring, it is important to work out of 3 or 4 different boxes at a time to ensure a proper blend of shading. Wood should be racked out on the floor before nailing to ensure a pleasing and balanced look. Close attention should be paid to date codes or batches as identified on the carton label to ensure proper mixing in the layout of the floor.
Proper nail spacing is one nail every 8"-10" with at least 2 nails in every board. Every board should be nailed so that there is a nail within the last three inches of both ends of the board.
2" nails should be used for machine nailing of this product.
The following tools are needed: Tape measure, broom, chalkline, hammer, nail set, pry bar, circular saw, miter saw or table saw, power nailer and mallet, matching putty, touch up stain.

Ensure subfloor is clean with no high spots or loose boards.
From the starting wall, measure out a distance at each corner equal to the width of the board plus 3/4". Snap a chalkline between the two points as a guide for the first row.
Lay the first row with the tongue pointing out into the room. Pre-drill and face nail this first row 3/4" from the edge closest to the wall along the chalkline, maintaining the 3/4" expansion space. Predrill along the tongue and edge nail the boards at a 45 degree angle through the tongue along this first row. Sink the nails with a nail set. Fill holes not covered by mouldings with matching putty.
Subsequent rows can now be placed and nailed using the 45 degree nailing through the tongue only. The power nailer can be used as soon as space from the wall allows. Typically, the first few rows will need to be done by hand. Also, the last few rows will need to be hand nailed.
Ensure that the end joints between rows are staggered in a random fashion and maintain a minimum 8" between these joints.
When fitting the last row, be sure to rip the boards if necessary to maintain the 1/2"-3/4" expansion space.

Contact us by email or by calling 1-519-688-3553.
  • 5 stars. Our hardwood has just been installed and it is so beautiful. My home has been completely transformed. The experience we had with Breeze Wood Floors was wonderful , we installed ourselves and had some questions about how to do some parts of the install and the installer Joe had no problem answering our questions, and even gave some tips to help the process. Jason who helped us pick our flooring was great and went out of his way to make sure we were happy with our purchase. The product is beautiful. And we could not be happier :) I would definitely recommend Breeze Wood Floors to anyone looking for hardwood. I felt informed and confident the whole time! What a great Canadian company and product !
    from London, Ontario
  • We chose natural cherry in a matte finish and we are stunned at how good it looks. Our guests say the same thing! We laid 1300 sq ft in our bungalow in every room. It's easy to upkeep and is great on the feet.
    Don Jackson
    from n/a
  • We are really pleased with the way our floor looks and hope you will feel the same way when you see our pictures. We also enjoyed installing our floor. That is something we had never done before and it worked out very well. So thank you for a beautiful product!
    Tim and Maria Wheeler
    from Paris, ON
  • We would like to thank the BreezeWood staff for helping us decide on our flooring. It was great dealing with your company.
    Barry & Anne McKinley
    from Brantford
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