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Colour: Natural
Tone: Dark
Width: 3.25
Grade: Plank
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General info
Species » Walnut
Generally straight grained, but sometimes has a wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive appearance.

Natural Colour (before staining): Highly praised heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown. Sapwood of walnut is creamy white to tan.
Properties: Walnut has good dimensional stability and medium to low shock-resistance.
Janka Hardness Rating: 1010

Grade » Plank
Have you heard the saying "everything that's old is new again" lately? This grade of hardwood flooring takes you back in time to the days of wide and long length plank flooring! This style of floor was popular in the past and now it is making its comeback to modern homes and cottages! To understand this grade please reference the other BreezeWood Floors' grade descriptions because the Plank grade is a combination of the of the Rustic grade and Classic & Better grade that produces a unique and appealing solid hardwood floor! The wider width of flooring in the Plank grade accentuates the wood grain beauty of the floor. The 25 year limited warranty applies to the Plank grade.
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