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Colour: Natural
Tone: Light
Width: 3.25
Grade: Rustic
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General info
Species » Hickory
Hickory has both coarse-textured and fine grain patterns combined.

Natural Colour (before staining): A diverse combination of bright white sapwood (with hints of fine brown lines) and pale to rich reddish brown heartwood.
Properties: Extremely tough and resilient, the hardest North American wood. A popular choice for high traffic applications.
Janka Hardness Rating: 1820

Grade » Rustic
The Rustic grade by BreezeWood Floors offers a value priced hardwood floor with all the same milling and finish features as our other grade offerings. This grade of flooring contains all of the natural wood characteristics that occur in hardwoods such as; colour variation, knots of all shapes and sizes, mineral streaks, checks, worm holes and grain burls. The majority of the open characteristics in the Rustic grade are filled with non-shrink wood filler, with the exception of those that are on the edge or end. The Rustic grade has the shortest average piece length of the BreezeWood Floors' grades as most pieces will be 10 inches to 30 inches in length. The Rustic grade results in a very serviceable floor, which lends itself well to various decorating themes. The final look of the product will greatly depend on the extent of skill and craftsmanship of the installer. There are no warranties for this grade of flooring.
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