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White Oak

Colour: Mocha
Tone: Dark
Width: 3.25
Grade: Classic and Better
Price: On Sale
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General info
Species » White Oak
A very popular choice for wood flooring with a medium to coarse texture and an open grain appearance.

Natural Colour (before staining): Sapwood is light-coloured and the heartwood is light to dark brown.
Properties: A hard and heavy wood with great wear-resistance.
Janka Hardness Rating: 1360

Grade » Classic and Better
This grade combines the natural beauty and unique characteristics of traditional mid grade flooring along with the top grades of flooring to produce a floor that displays more character than our Premium grade offers. Depending on the species of hardwood you will see some of the following characteristics in the Classic & Better grade; small knots, streaks, and unlimited natural colour variation. Coloured wood filler is used on any open characteristics that occur in this grade to produce a smooth surface of flooring. This grade is often chosen because of the natural character it will bring to a room! The 25 year limited warranty applies to this grade.
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