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Hard Maple

Colour: Natural
Tone: Light
Width: 3.25
Grade: Premium
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Hard Maple
Hard Maple
Hard Maple
General info
Species » Hard Maple
A versatile species with a subtle grain pattern that suits almost every decor.

Natural Colour (before staining): Famous for its ivory white sapwood and contrasting shades of brown heartwood.
Properties: Heavy, strong and stiff. Resists shock and marring.
Janka Hardness Rating: 1450

Grade » Premium
Premium is the clearest grade of hardwood flooring offered by BreezeWood Floors. This grade generally has the most consistent colour, limited character marks and longer average piece lengths. The shortest piece of flooring allowed in the Premium grade is 12 inches and the longest pieces are approximately 6.5 feet in length. There are no open characteristics in the Premium grade so therefore the floor does not require any wood filler. The 25 year limited warranty applies to this grade.
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