Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is valued for its classical and timeless beauty, authenticity and durability.  Choosing solid hardwood floors is an investment that will enhance the value of your home for a lifetime.


Available in 2¼, 2¾”, 3¼, 4¼” & 5¼” widths

Uniform thickness & width — 3/4″ (19 mm)

Zero VOC and formaldehyde free finishes for better air quality

Tonque & groove boards for simple installation

Micro-bevel joints on all four sides

18-25 sq.ft. per box (depending on width) with assorted lengths


Above grade & on grade.
Nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor.

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Sweep or vacuum regularly. Occasionally damp mop with a cleaner recommended for your hardwood floor finish.

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Why Choose BreezeWood’s Solid Hardwood Flooring?

BreezeWood’s Canadian-made solid hardwood flooring is made from 100% hardwood, sustainably sourced from local woodlots in Ontario. Each board is a single solid piece of wood, cut into a uniform ¾” thickness. For over 50 years, customers demanding the best solid hardwood flooring have chosen BreezeWood Floors. From closed grain hardwoods such as maple, to the timeless grainy classic look of solid oak hardwood flooring, we offer a wide variety of species including: White Oak, White Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Red Oak and Walnut. Each hardwood species has its own graining, colour, shade variations and veining. Your hardwood flooring selection will depend on the look and the overall effect you want to achieve.

What Makes a Quality Solid Hardwood Floor?

All BreezeWood floors start with top quality hardwood lumber, locally sourced from private woodlot owners. BreezeWood sources the majority of the raw materials from its affiliated sawmill, Townsend Lumber. All wood used to produce BreezeWood products are made from local, North American lumber that has been ethically sourced. Our floors are precision milled and finished on our state-of-the-art finishing line using industry-leading, highly durable finishes. The entire process – from harvesting to the completed prefinished floor – happens within 100 km of the mil, resulting in a low carbon footprint that you can feel good about. Backed by our 35 Year Residential Finish Wear Warranty, you can be sure that these truly Canadian floors will stand the test of time!

Top Quality & Value

We offer a unique level of confidence in the integrity of our products, as the wood we use is sourced from long-term suppliers who offer the highest level of quality hardwoods. Compelling value at competitive prices remains an ongoing mark of distinction for our flooring portfolio, and the ability to purchase directly from the manufacturer appeals to many who desire even greater value for their investment. Check out BreezeWood for the best solid hardwood flooring collection.


BreezeWood is FSC certified, and a dedicated and ethical caretaker of this valuable timber natural resource for over six decades. Since inception, it has been our guiding principle to become knowledgeable and effective stewards of Canadian forests so they remain healthy and productive for years to come. The Townsend team is continually educated in correct harvesting procedures, forest management practices and environment principles to ensure the wood used to produce flooring has been legally sourced from responsibly managed forests.


Our solid hardwood floors are a favourite of home builders, designers and homeowners alike. Check out our Get Inspired Page and get prepared to be inspired by these beautiful Ontario area homes featuring BreezeWood floors! From hardwoods such as maple, to solid oak hardwood flooring, we have it all! Visit a BreezeWood showroom today for more inspiration and see our complete solid hardwood floor and engineered hardwood options. 3 convenient Ontario showrooms to serve you:



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