Wire Brushed

Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors



Available in 4¼” widths

Uniform thickness & width — 3/4″ (19 mm)

Zero VOC and formaldehyde free finishes for better air quality

Tonque & groove boards for simple installation

Micro-bevel joints on all four sides

18-25 sq.ft. per box (depending on width) with assorted lengths


Above grade & on grade.
Nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor.

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Sweep or vacuum regularly. Occasionally damp mop with a cleaner recommended for your hardwood floor finish.

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What is Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring?

One of today’s hottest trends, wire brushing is a texturizing technique that gives hardwood floors a unique, multi-dimension or two-tone appearance. Aside from their beauty, wire brushed hardwood floors are also practical, as they hide scratches and dirt better than smooth surface finishes.

The wire brushing technique is completed prior to staining and top-coating. It involves scraping the hardwood floor planks, which opens the wood pores and pulls out the softer wood fibers, exposing the hardwood underneath. The result is a real wood floor with a unique, subtly distressed or weathered effect which can be accentuated by using contrasting stain colours or muted by applying a single stain colour. Wire brushed hardwood floors are great in high traffic areas such halls and entrance ways to disguise and minimize any character marks or everyday wear and tear.

The wire-brushing treatment is most commonly applied to open and prominent hardwood grains such as oak (white oak, red oak), hickory or white ash. BreezeWood’s wire brushed oak flooring, such as our solid hardwood Wire Brushed White Oak Chestnut Floor, is our most popular wire brushed species and is available in a variety of stain colours.


Why Choose BreezeWood’s Wire Brushed Hardwood?

BreezeWood’s wire brushed hardwood floors are finished with a hard-wearing, UV-cured Nano Ultra Matte finish, resulting in a floor that offers beautiful textured design and practical, rugged durability.

Curious about wire brushed wood floors? Check out our wire brushed oak flooring, wire brushed ash flooring and wire brushed hickory flooring options online or in store!


Which hardwood floor is right for me?

Selecting the right hardwood floor is strictly a matter of your style, budget and personal preference. Different hardwood species have different grain patterns and natural colour tones. Light woods like ash and maple generally make a room appear more open and airy, while darker hardwoods like walnut or hardwoods with darker stains can make a room feel warm and cozy, or stately and refined. Wire brushed hardwood floors are an additional option, and can help hide scratches and dirt better than smooth surface finishes.

Once you decide on a look, you should consider how your floors will be used. Are you a retired couple living alone, or a busy family with young children and pets? Each wood species is rated for its hardness and durability using something called a Janka Hardness Scale. JANKA gives a good indication of how likely a wood species is to dent or show other wear. Also, another factor to consider is that today’s hardwood flooring comes in two unique constructions: solid hardwood and engineered flooring.

And of course, the hardwood experts at BreezeWood Floors are always ready to help you choose the floor that is right for you. Just ask us!


Your Home Environment

Maintain 30% – 50% relative humidity and 18° – 24°C temperatures in your home after installation. Relative Humidity is a measure of how moist the air is. As a natural product, all hardwoods react to changes in moisture levels, expanding with increased moisture and contracting when moisture levels drop. Wood flooring will perform best when your home is kept between 30% and 50% relative humidity and 18° to 24°C in temperature.


Acclimation Period

Acclimation is a required pre-installation process that allows flooring material to adjust itself to the actual environment where it is going to be installed. Hardwood flooring needs to be delivered to the job site and allowed to acclimate for a period of time before installation can begin. This can take several days depending on the material being used. Visit https://breezewoodfloors.ca/installation/ for full information.

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