XL Rustic

What is XL Rustic Flooring?

XL Rustic flooring is a unique, extra long, rustic hardwood flooring, offered only by BreezeWood Floors. These ¾” thick solid hardwood floors feature all the beautiful, natural wood character of a true rustic grade hardwood flooring, in wide widths and extra-long board lengths up to 12’ long (ranging from 2 to 12’ long). Only unsound boards are removed from this flooring grade, providing a true, character grade floor with plenty of rustic charm. All XL Rustic orders are Custom Orders, and therefore the options are endless to create a floor that is uniquely your own. Our customers love their Canadian made hardwood flooring XL Rustic floors!

XL Rustic Canadian made hardwood flooring is available in a variety of hardwood species including: Hard Maple, White Oak, Hickory, Cherry, and White Ash.

  • Widths: 3 ¼, 4 ¼, 5 ¼ & 6 ¼” & a mixed-width option (“EcoMax”)
  • Stain colours: Natural, Prairie, Heritage, Driftwood, Mocha, Reactive, Woodland
  • Plus, choose to add special features such as antiquing, distressing, and more!


Rustic Hardwood Finishes

Pioneer Oil Finish

Prefinished with our Pioneer Oil UV cured finish, these rustic hardwood flooring are almost worry-free as you can spot-repair scratches and worn areas yourself! Unlike oil finishes of the past, today’s UV cured oil finishes are durable and require simple maintenance and little fuss. BreezeWood’s industry-leading Pioneer Oil finish offers a beautiful low gloss, natural looking top-coat that has become a popular choice due to its ability to disguise dents, scratches & general wear and tear.

Oiled floors do require some regular maintenance to keep the finish looking its best. Our Pioneer Oil floors are designed to be maintained by the homeowner with the use of the Pioneer Oil Finish Maintenance Kit rather than hiring specialized flooring contractors. With regular cleaning and periodic revitalizing and repairing, your rustic hardwood floors can continue to look as good as the day they were installed!

Visit our showroom and get inspired by our collection of XL Rustic samples including oak hardwood flooring, maple hardwood flooring and hickory hardwood flooring, prefinished in a variety of stain colours and featuring some unique effects such as antiquing and distressing.

Note: Due to the long lengths, XL Rustic is not boxed. Xl Rustic comes in manageable bundles typically 6’ – 12’ in length.

How long will it take to get my flooring from date of order?

Custom flooring options such as XL Rustic hardwood flooring can take 4-6 weeks from time of order so be sure to plan in advance. Our sales associates can provide you with accurate timing for your order – just ask us!

Do wood floors scratch easily?

All flooring options will show some wear over time, but wood flooring is the only flooring option that can be repaired to make it look new again.

Most scratches in wood flooring will occur in the finish, not the wood itself. With the Pioneer Oil finish, you can spot repair surface scratches as they occur by lightly abrading and then applying a coat of Pioneer Repair Oil (or Pioneer Oil Stain/Oil mix).

Scratches on wood flooring can be prevented and minimized by placing mats at all entryways from outside, using throw rugs, putting felt pads on furniture legs, clipping pet nails, and avoiding walking on floors in athletic cleats or high heels.

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