2020 Hardwood Floor Trends

2020 Hardwood Floor Trends. The options for hardwood flooring are endless compared to two or three decades ago, and the sky is the limit with the level of customization you can achieve. The species of hardwoods, the stain, and the way the...

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Go Green With Ontario Hardwood Flooring

As an innovative designer and manufacturer of Ontario sourced hardwood flooring, we take pride in the fact that we offer green, eco-friendly flooring. From the forest to your home, our sustainable processes ensure that you receive high quality flooring manufactured ethically and sustainably.

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Hello, and welcome to our new BreezeWood Floors website. We are excited to share new photos of our flooring, regular blog posts, and introduce you to our world of 100% Ontario wood flooring. Be sure to check back often for regular updates and inspiration from our Tillsonburg, Kitchener and Orillia showrooms and mills.

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New Product Alert: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Our customers have been asking if BreezeWood could please offer a similar, high quality Ontario wood flooring choice so they could match their solid wood floors from the main floors in their homes, with an engineered wood floor for their basement.

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