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December 12, 2023

The Benefits of a Locally Sourced & Manufactured Hardwood Floor


Buying products manufactured locally is an idea most people wholeheartedly support and it’s something BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring is proud to produce right here in Southwestern Ontario.

Thinking about new hardwood flooring for your home? Here are some reasons why it’s beneficial to buy a locally sourced and manufactured hardwood floor:

Local Sourcing Equals Strong Relationships and Quality Product

Townsend Lumber, our sister company and sawmill, sources our woods from nearby privately-owned woodlots, which allows us to foster genuine relationships with the families who own them.

Equally as important, we have control over the harvesting, grading, and milling processes. As a result, we have the unique advantage of selecting the finest wood and milling it in such a way to allow us to offer our customers wood planks up to 12 feet in length and 7 ½” in width.

Sustaining Local Woodlots

The beauty of our hardwood flooring lies not just in its visual appeal but in the responsible sourcing from woodlots within 300 kms of our sawmill. This proximity ensures sustainable harvesting practices, which supports the health and longevity of local woodlots.

Manufacturing is Under Our Roof and Under Our Control

From kiln drying and storing the wood in climate-controlled conditions (critical for wide-plank flooring) to sanding and finishing, we control the manufacturing process. As well, with a variety of widths, stains, and finishes, we can produce and offer a hardwood floor that is exactly what our customers want.

And when the final product is ready, we handle the shipping and delivery to make sure it arrives at its destination in proper condition. No more worrying about the planks sitting in a shipping container without climate controls for weeks on end!

The Duracoat Prefinishing Department at BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring

Helping the Local Economy

As with any local business, job creation creates cash flow in the local economy. Upstream and downstream jobs of any business multiply the cash generated from every local sale. As well, the taxes from employment and goods sold create funds that go towards active programs and infrastructure development in the local community.

Futhermore, we are a big supporter of our community, sponsoring local arts, sports teams, and non-profit organizations.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Choosing BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring means choosing a lower carbon footprint. From the moment the trees are harvested and milled at our neighboring sawmill to the final finishing touches in our flooring factory, our products don’t have to travel far. Our practices are meticulously designed to minimize environmental impact.

Better Customer Service and After-Sales Support

The advantage of being able to step through our doors and inquire with our hardwood flooring experts about any product or service at your convenience is significant. Living alongside you in the same community is extra motivation for us to uphold fairness and ensure your complete satisfaction. This proximity not only fosters accessibility but also reinforces our commitment to serving you with integrity and attentiveness.

A Canadian Journey

Our hardwood flooring takes you on a journey from the forests of Southwestern Ontario to your home. The entire process, from sourcing to delivery, is 100% Canadian. This not only ensures authenticity in every plank but Canadian pride as well!

Hardwood Floors Made From the Great Outdoors in Ontario

A strong community and local economy, the continued health of Ontario’s woodlots, a high level of product quality and customer service, and national pride—what reasons could you possibly have to NOT install wood flooring harvested and manufactured right here in Southwestern Ontario?!

To learn more about why you should be choosing locally sourced and manufactured hardwood flooring from BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring, visit our website here.

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