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April 3, 2023

Introducing BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring 

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, and as such, all of us at BreezeWood Floors are excited to announce our new rebrand as BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring.

Still offering the high-quality, Canadian-made hardwood flooring you’ve come to know and expect from us, we have modified our product lines in response to changes in the market and customer demand. As interest in wider and longer hardwood planks increases, and the demand for versatile engineered hardwood products grows, BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring is now specializing in our unique XL Plank solid hardwood flooring and our industry-leading Engineered hardwood flooring.

With our newly focused product offerings, we felt that our existing logo and branding no longer conveyed our products to the market effectively, nor did they clearly express our company’s new direction.


The new logo not only makes it clear that we only manufacture and sell hardwood flooring instead of other types of flooring, but the more sophisticated font and graphics better match our more specialized and high quality hardwood flooring products. Known for being a true ‘forest to floor’ hardwood manufacturer, the bird motif brings our brand back to our roots (see what we did there?!), to the forest itself. The connecting customized font evokes the movement of the breeze as it travels through and around the expansive trees of the forest, carrying the birds’ songs throughout.

Over the next several months, we will gradually be transitioning to our new brand across our many digital platforms and within our three Ontario showrooms.

We also wish to thank TBK Creative in London, Ontario for assisting us with the development and creation of our new BreezeWood Hardwood Flooring brand.

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