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February 4, 2021

2021 Design Trends & Hardwood Floors.

With each new year comes the predictions and forecasts as to what will be trending in home design for the year ahead. Now that January is behind us and the forecasters have published their insights into the design trends of 2021, let’s take a look at some of these trends and how hardwood floors can assist in achieving these looks for your home.


With 2020 being the year of upheaval in our lives and much of that continuing into the first several months of 2021, we find ourselves seeking things that bring us comfort and security. With the majority of our lives right now being contained solely in our homes, it is here that we seek to cultivate a sense of comfort and security.

Comfort and security come from what’s familiar and that’s why many of us are turning to the traditional styles that many of us grew up with.  Think Pottery Barn of the 90’s, Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends…think overstuffed, soft furniture with soft curves and traditional, classic styles.

 Photo: Pottery Barn Canada

Hardwood floors go hand-in-hand with traditional, classic home design. Darker wood floors are seeing a resurgence as they lend a feeling of warmth and comfort to any space but lighter, natural wood floors are still popular as a versatile, neutral backdrop for any design style.

Photo Source: BreezeWood Floors

Natural Materials & Sustainability

The desire to connect with nature and surround ourselves with natural elements has been trending for some time now but in 2021, the emphasis is increasingly on sustainability and utilizing sustainable natural materials, such as jute, rattan, linen and wood.

An effortless way to create a space that is calming and relaxed is by incorporating natural texture through plants, wood floors and furniture, and layering in natural textiles, such as pillows and area rugs.

Photo Source – modsy.com

The benefits of natural elements in the home extend beyond positive mental wellness and contribute to the overall health of your indoor environment as well.  Synthetic materials in the home, such as plastics, release off-gases into our home’s environment, often resulting in allergic reactions and migraines.  In addition to choosing natural materials, look for products with low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds). Formaldehyde is one of the most common VOCs and it is often found in furniture, draperies, and flooring coverings, such as carpet, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.

Photo Source – BreezeWood Floors

BreezeWood Floors is very proud to manufacture and sell hardwood flooring that is produced from sustainably-harvested Canadian hardwoods with no VOCs or formaldehyde. Because our hardwood is direct from the neighboring sawmill and is locally sourced within 300 kms of the sawmill, BreezeWood Floors can boast one of the smallest carbon footprints in the industry. Choosing hardwood flooring from BreezeWood Floors is the healthy choice for your home, your family and the planet.


Our homes now have to do more—they are workplaces, classrooms, living spaces, even staycation destinations—and because of that, our homes need to be functional and stand up to our all-day, every day activities.  Formal spaces–decorated with lacquer, brass and bling–are being replaced by spaces built for everyday living and multi-tasking.

Dining rooms and kitchens are becoming work spaces and/or classrooms, family rooms are also recess playgrounds or after work/school hangout spots, and backyards are now becoming family staycation destinations.

As these spaces of our homes are called upon to handle multiple tasks, there is a focus on home organization to keep the clutter from all of this at-home activity in check and we’re looking for furniture and décor that can live up to increased use.

Photo Source – onekindesign.com

As such, our homes also need floors that can handle the increased activity in our homes, day in and day out. Hardwood floors are durable, easy to clean, and remain looking great for years and years. BreezeWood Floors’ solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished to remove marks and scratches or to change with the home’s design style. Floors finished with BreezeWood’s Pioneer Oil Finish can even be rejuvenated and spot-repaired as needed over time.

So, whether it’s making your home more comfortable, more sustainable or more functional in 2021, hardwood floors from BreezeWood Floors can help you achieve every one of these 2021 home design trends.

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