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November 17, 2022

Scandi Design & Hardwood Floors

A home design style that has been growing in popularity over the past several years and continues to be a favourite of designers going into 2023 is Scandi design, inspired by the qualities of traditional Scandinavian design. With a focus on simplicity, warmth and comfort, Scandi design is an ideal aesthetic for today’s hectic world.

According to designers, there are three main reasons for the popularity of Scandi design:


Scandi design values practicality over ornamentation and the way in which the space functions for the homeowner is one of the guiding principles. Design decisions, such as furniture, finishes, and decor, all focus on efficiency, and maximizing the space and its use. There is minimal to no clutter and the space is traditionally comprised of clean lines, subtle curves and tapered legs. Scandi design generally has a ‘less is more’ philosophy.

living room in Scandinavian design style

Photo Source: www.modernwifestyle.com


Scandi design’s simplicity and use of neutral palettes ensures that it is an esthetic that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Unike more trendy and bold styles, Scandi design has staying power.

The colour palette of Scandi design tends to stick to variations of white, off-white, ivory, beige, taupe and grey but often uses black accents (wall decor, black & white prints, accessories and accent furniture) to balance out the neutral tones and add emphasis to specific areas of a space. Amidst the neutral tones, depth and interest is achieved though the layering of the colour palette, subtle but specific patterns, and a variety of different textures.

Materials tend towards natural and organic with a large focus on wood, from flooring and furniture to accessories.


Bright living room in neutral tones

Photo Source: www.onekindesign.com


In Scandinavian culture, ‘hygge’ is the idea of comfort as a state of mind. A Scandi design home should feel warm, cozy, and comfortable, inviting you to come in and put your feet up. By using oversized cushions, knotted area rugs, and comfy fabrics like chenile, soft wool and fluffy sheepskin, all layered with natural materials such as leather, wicker, linen and wood, this concept of ‘hygge’ is conveyed by the space.

Bright, white living room in Scandinavian style

Photo Source: www.onekindesign.com


Natural and light-to-medium toned hardwood floors are the foundation of the Scandi design look. Unlike tile, hardwood lends warmth to a room and unlike carpet, which can be heavy and weigh down a room’s look, light-toned hardwood keeps the space light and bright.

BreezeWood Floors produces many hardwood flooring options that would be ideal for a Scandi design home.

Living room in Scandinavian design

XL Rustic EcoMax Hard Maple in Driftwood (Photo Source: BreezeWood Floors)

Many of our products, ranging from light-toned Hickory in ‘Natural’ or White Oak in ‘Sandstone’ to medium-toned Hard Maple in ‘Driftwood’ or White Oak in ‘Dune’, would perfectly fit within a Scandi design aesthetic.

Looking to bring more calm and comfort into your life for 2023? Perhaps new hardwood floors from BreezeWood Floors and a Scandi design reno for your home is just what you need!

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