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BreezeWood Grades


Our clearest grade.

Applicable to Maple only.

Prime is the clearest grade of Maple hardwood flooring offered by BreezeWood. This grade will admit only some minimal colour variation, limited small character marks, bird’s-eyes and small burls. There are no open characteristics in the Prime grade.

Average Length: 2’6”- 3’
Shortest Piece: 12”
Longest Piece: 6’5”
Colour Variation: Minimal
% Clear Planks: 95 -100%
Natural Wood Characteristics: Minimal


Moderate colour variation & character. Long boards.

The Select grade combines the natural beauty of a higher grade floor with the unique characteristics of a mid-grade floor. Only small knots are accepted in this grade, up to the size of a pinky finger.

Average Length: 2’6”- 3’
Shortest Piece: 12”
Longest Piece: 7’
Colour Variation: Moderate
% Clear Planks: 60 – 80%
Natural Wood Characteristics: Moderate


More colour variation & character. Long avg. board lengths.

This grade offers more character than our Select grade. A beautiful combination of clear boards along with Mother Nature’s natural colour variation. Our longest average length, featuring planks over 7 feet long. Larger filled knots are allowed in this grade.

Average Length: 2’9”- 3’4”
Shortest Piece: 9”
Longest Piece: > 7’
Colour Variation: Mid/High
% Clear Planks: 30 – 50%
Natural Wood Characteristics: Mid/High

XL Rustic

Full colour variation. All wood characteristics.  2’ to 12’ board lengths.

This grade contains all the natural wood characteristics that occur in hardwoods such as; colour variation, knots of all shapes and sizes, mineral streaks, checks and worm holes.

* Sold as custom order. Inquire for timing. Typical lead time 4-6 weeks.

Shortest Piece: ≈ 2’
Longest Piece: 12’
Colour Variation: Full/Pronounced
Natural Wood Characteristics: Full/Pronounced

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