February 11, 2018

What is a Breeze Dried™ Back Relief Profile?

Brand new to the BreezeWood Floors line is engineered hardwood flooring. Similar to our solid wood flooring, BreezeWood Floors’ engineered hardwood is superior quality and custom made from Ontario wood.

Available in White Oak, Hard Maple, White Ash, Hickory and Walnut our engineered hardwood is an excellent choice for new homes, below grade rooms and is an ideal replacement for those other floors you purchased that just didn’t hold up.

We take the quality of all of our products very seriously, and before launching our engineered hardwood line, we wanted to be sure it would stand the test of time for our customers.  Every piece of BreezeWood Floors engineered wood flooring comes with a Breeze Dried™ back relief profile.


The Features

The Breeze Dried™ revolutionary back relief profile provides additional stability to the wood in a two ways:

  1. The diagonal grooves break up the compression stresses that occurs on the underside of each piece reducing cupping and bowing from both directions.
  2. The BreezeWood profile breaks the tension of the surface layers of the plywood, making it more flexible during installation. Especially ideal for uneven surfaces allowing adhesives to spread more evenly.

Standard engineered flooring does not include either of these features, and in most cases it is manufactured across seas from non-sustainable sources.

Not only do you get a high-quality, superior product with our flooring, you can rest assured knowing our floors are environmentally sound with  a VOC-free finish and CARB certified adhesives and all of the wood is 100% sustainable sourced and manufactured in Ontario.

For more information, visit our website, stop by one of our warehouse showrooms in Tillsonburg, New Dundee or Bass Lake or give us a call today at 519-688-3553.


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