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July 16, 2018

Go Green With Ontario Hardwood Flooring

As an innovative designer and manufacturer of Ontario sourced hardwood flooring, we take pride in the fact that we offer green, eco-friendly flooring. From the forest to your home, our sustainable processes ensure that you receive high quality flooring manufactured ethically and sustainably.

Keeping your well being and the Earth’s top of mind, here are three major reasons why BreezeWood Floors are the green choice for your home.

Ontario Wood Is A Renewable Resource

Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. At BreezeWood Floors we source the majority of our raw materials from Townsend Lumber, a Canadian-owned related company and ethically dedicated caretaker of this valuable natural resource for over sixty years.

Working with local farmers and tree lot owners we participates in sustainable forestry by strongly supporting local tree bylaws, educational programs and other initiatives, which are all part of a solution to maintain and enhance our natural environment and quality of life for us and future generations in Ontario.

In addition to receiving a high quality, locally sourced product, sustainable forest management helps Ontario’s forests by:

  • Keeping them healthy and productive, conserving biodiversity, enhancing or protecting wildlife habitat, watersheds, and other values, and reducing the build-up of greenhouse gases.
  • Supporting Ontario communities, providing recreation opportunities (hiking, hunting, fishing and more) and providing a healthy living environment.
  • Supporting a strong forest industry and providing people with jobs and forest products (lumber, paper, fuel, medicines, and more).

BreezeWood Floors Have A Lower Carbon Footprint

We manufacture our flooring in very close proximity to the forests we sustainably harvest from, meaning BreezeWood Floors has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. We have three sawmills across Ontario in Norfolk County, Waterloo Region and Simcoe County. In many cases, the logs travel 50km or less to be processed. You can view oversized samples from a huge variety of species in these locations. Find Ontario ash, beech, basswood, cherry, hard maple, hickory, soft maple, red oak, white oak, tulip and walnut.

BreezeWood Floors Are Safe For You And Your Family

Real wood flooring comes from a 100% natural resource. There are no synthetics, chemicals or plastics found in our flooring. We have invested in a state-of-the art manufacturing facility that includes a fully automated finishing line to accommodate our extensive portfolio and ongoing demand for modern colors and textures. All wood stains, topcoats and sealers for our flooring are 100% VOC and formaldehyde free. There is also no chemical smell or off-gassing that is often noticeable in other flooring types with our Ontario Wood products. Keeping nature in its most natural form is something we pride ourselves on.

If you are interested in learning more about our flooring, visit us in store at any one of our three Ontario locations.

Phone: 519-688-3553
Email: tillsonburg@breezewoodfloors.ca
1300 Jackson Side Road, Tillsonburg

Phone: 519-696-2424
Email: kitchener@breezewoodfloors.ca
1580 Huron Road, Petersburg

Bass Lake
Phone: 705-326-3965
Email: basslake@breezewoodfloors.ca
4071 Digby Road/Drive, Orillia

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