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February 10, 2020

2020 Hardwood Floor Trends. 

The options for hardwood flooring are endless compared to two or three decades ago, and the sky is the limit with the level of customization you can achieve. The species of hardwoods, the stain, and the way the planks are laid can take your room from modern to rustic, to traditional, and beyond.

At BreezeWood Floors, we are a leading 100% Canadian manufacturer of high quality Canadian hardwood flooring, and we make it a priority to stay on top of the latest flooring trends to please our customers. Here are some of the most sought-after styles we’re seeing for 2020 and beyond.


Rustic Flooring Finishes

Whether you’re going for a sophisticated farmhouse feel or cozy suburban vibes, BreezeWood’s XL Rustic Hard Maple Reactive, Eco-Max is the way to go! It was chosen in a random width mix for the London kitchen makeover above with help from Sylvie’s Interior Design and Westchester Homes Ltd. The clients wanted an open space with a Scandinavian feel and the rustic maple floors really bring a warm and earthy feel to the space. See more from this London home featured in the fall edition of Our Homes Magazine.

Photo: Jason Hartog


Light & Bright Hardwood Floors

For contemporary spaces, bright, light woods like BreezeWood’s White Ash engineered flooring is a top pick. This home features a smooth grain pattern, 7 ½” White Ash traditional grade and white wash matte finish that combine to create a sleek, streamlined feel for homeowners seeking to achieve of-the-moment coastal or modern-farmhouse styles. All of our BreezeWood floors come in true random lengths, the only way to give an authentic hardwood flooring look.

Photo: Lilly Home & Design


Durable Hickory Floors

Hickory hardwood flooring with a natural finish are a sought-after option for homeowners looking for versatility and durability. Hickory is extremely tough and resilient. It offers a timeless look and complements both contemporary and traditional homes, adding interest to a room thanks to intermittent blonde sapwood woven throughout the grain and random floorboard widths.

Incorporate one or all of these 2020 hardwood flooring trends in your home this year with BreezeWood flooring. We welcome you to stop by one of our showrooms to see all of our oversized floor samples or visit us online at www.BreezeWoodFloors.ca to order free samples of your favourite products.

Photo: Nicole Mason

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